Barnet Homes development aprters Bugler has donated three fotball kits to Basing Hill Community FC, through it’s Bugler Foundation arm.

Andy Bugler delivered the kit to Anthony Dawodu of The Hope of Childs Hill (THOCH), who organised the foundation of the football club for local boys and girls from 6 – 14 to develop and build leadership and decision making skills of teenagers allowing them to take ownership.

“The energy that Anthony puts into promoting health and well-being through sport and activities in Barnet deserves our support, we are happy to help by donating a full set of kit for the teams and look forward to seeing the club grow.”

Andy Bugler – Bugler Group CEO

“Bugler, who are one of Barnet Group’s contractors have been a magnificent contributor to our community project and we can’t begin to thank Andy Bugler(CEO), Ken Frakes & Martin Wallis for their personal input in making it all possible. Not only have they provided us with a dry lined container, they have now donated 3 sets of sponsored 8 kits(24), sponsored bibs, cones and kit bags for our under 8, under 10 & under 14 teams.They also donated some crowd barriers for our sports. THOCH & BHCC are thankful and grateful for your contributions towards the enjoyment and development of our local youths in our community.”

Anthony Dawodu – THOCH