During Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked colleagues to share examples of selfless kindness that they’ve seen or been a part of. We’re so proud of the people who work at The Barnet Group, and the way they’ve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s some examples of kindness colleagues have seen or been a part of.

Amanda – Neighbourhood 

“I have become a personal shopper for a number of elderly people locally. One of these people is a lady who has been in particular need of my help as her son, who is a Barnet Homes resident, has gone into prison and she has no other family. This lady is unable to walk and due to her vulnerability, being very elderly with health issues she has had to self-isolate.

My duties have so far been going to the post letters to her family in America, getting shopping, prescriptions and going to the bank to get cash for her and charging up her electricity card. 

I am very happy to help her as I am very appreciative of neighbours who have been supporting my own parents who live in Ireland in the same way, if we all do a little bit to help it goes a long way and makes a difference to people lives.”

Laura – Strategy and Compliance 

“I’d like to share an act of kindness that I’m seeing from others regularly during lockdown, as I’ve really seen community start to thrive, and I think seeing the collective actions of a group of people working together gives a lot of hope!

When we started to feel the pandemic hit the UK, a group of volunteers in my local area quickly rallied to form response groups – so now there’s a WhatsApp group for my street, and I’m also part of a wider community group in my ward to give support during COVID-19.

Requests for assistance are coordinated through both groups – my partner, Pete, has done some essential shopping for an older man who’s shielding and can’t get out, and our street WhatsApp group has regular requests for help from neighbours, amongst some friendly chat.

It’s really nice to be able to help those who need it, and to know that we have a little network on our doorstep who will look after us if necessary. It also helps to not feel so lonely! I feel very fortunate to see a community coming together like this, and to know that despite the often-bleak national news reports, there is a lot of good happening too.”

Deborah – Community Engagement 

On returning to the UK Deb came back early from her A/L to lead on the coordination of contacting our most vulnerable over 70’s. Deb has also been a valuable advocate for some of these residents, checking with Barnet Council that support is indeed in place. Deb has also offered to support fellow service Assist with their out of hours emergency responses, volunteering her time in the evening, early hours of morning and weekend.

Susan – Sheltered Housing 

Susan has spoken to each member of her team every day to ensure that they feel fully supported and equipped to carry out their duties. She has taken delivery of PPE in the evening to her own home and then taken it in her car to each site to distribute to her staff to keep them safe. She has also been there with practical assistance, when those without cars were unable to pick up shopping for tenants, Susan did this for them. Susan has shown true Leadership and deserves much credit for all her hard work and dedication to the Team and the Service.

Michelle – Neighbourhood

Michelle has created a quiz every Friday for the team to take part in and set up a WhatsApp group and all of the managers have posted messages of support on the WhatsApp group and the team have said how thankfully they are for the support and laughs that this group provides.

Tim – Community Engagement

He has been so positive throughout all this, making sure his team are ok and also co-ordinating the massive job of contacting all our vulnerable residents. I also know he is supporting individuals in the community and has volunteered to be an out of hours emergency responder for assist. He hardly ever gets a mention and I feel he deserves a BIG pat on the back

Deborah – New Build

“My mother-in-law lives alone and at the age of 91 is still quite fiercely independent, however, it has been a tough few weeks for her and she misses seeing the family and her grand-children.  Last weekend I thought she is probably missing some home-cooked food as well, so whilst making our roast dinner I made 2 extra, plated them up and popped them into a strong shopping bag, together with some home-made lemon drizzle cake for dessert.  It was then delivered to her by her grandson, who to ensure social distancing handed it to her through her lounge window – having first sanitised the handles of the bag!  She was thrilled at seeing her grandson and at the prospect of her dinner being already done for the next two day so a win-win situation all round.”

Barry and Soudi – Rough Sleeper Team

Barry & Soudi have provided our team with incredible support. We’ve faced a number of difficulties when working remotely, particularly in that many of the rough sleepers do not have mobile phones or access to email in order to receive the necessary information regarding their temporary accommodation. Barry & Soudi, along with their colleagues, have assisted us by still operating an outreach service, sometimes going to find rough sleepers who we aren’t able to contact in order to deliver information about where we have provided temporary accommodation and support them to reach there/collect keys. I know one sentence would’ve been sufficient for the nomination but I can’t stress how great their support has been throughout this time.

Maggie – Flower Lane

She has been ordering most of the PPE for the YCB, she has been delivering PPE to other services in YCB, she has come in on her days off to support the staff in the business team and at Flower lane, she had truly gone above and beyond her role.