This week residents of Atholl House Extra Care Scheme were presented with a whole load of entertainment resources donated by contractor WG Wigginton.

This generous donation has so much pastime fun to offer, it includes several board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary, Connect 4, plus jigsaw puzzles, dominoes and team games like indoors mini golf, soft darts, and soft bowls. For the more creative, there are arts and craft activities including art kits, scrapbooks and collage kits.

Stella Okeke, Senior Support Worker at Atholl House (pictured above left) said, “It’s such a kind thing to do for our residents, we really appreciate this goodwill donation. These games and activities provide hours of pleasure and fun and an opportunity for stimulation and interaction between our residents. There’s something here for everyone!

Mike Parker, Senior Project Manager at WG Wigginton (pictured above right) said, “We’re always happy to help where we can and provide Social Value. We try to help vulnerable people and make their lives a bit better, and hopefully, this will make their communal lounge more entertaining!”